Message from Dean

Yoshiaki Kakuda

Make Use of Information Sciences to Contribute to the World!

To Prospective Students and their Parents/Guardians

It has been common parlance for many years to say that the world could not function without information sciences, as the basic research fields of information sciences as well the fields of their practical application have been developing and growing at an ever-increasing speed. Both basic research and applicable fields require a great number of persons and this trend shows no signs of abating. Since being established, the Faculty of Information Sciences and Graduate School of Information Sciences at Hiroshima City University have provided education from some 100 professors to provide society with some 200 excellent human resources every year, for which the school has been highly acclaimed. The school opened the Department of Biomedical Information Sciences in April 2012 with the aim of application to the fields of medicine and biology. The school has been providing the world with excellent human resources who have studied diligently from the other three previously established departments of Computer and Network Engineering, Intelligent Systems and Systems Engineering. I would like to invite you to come and fully study basic courses and technology, and perform leading-edge research in a well-appointed environment. Additionally, over half of the students graduating from this faculty continue on to graduate school to further refine themselves. I would like all students to continue on to graduate school in order to study many subjects through research that leads the world and spread your wings across the globe. Being able to apply yourself to your studies all together is something that every undergraduate and graduate student truly enjoys.

To Human Resources Recruitment Personnel

I would like to thank all of you for your continued support for the education and research efforts of the Faculty of Information Sciences and Graduate School of Information Sciences at Hiroshima City University. Thanks to your efforts, this faculty and graduate school provides society with some 200 excellent human resources educated by some 100 professors every year, for which the school has been highly acclaimed. Although our undergraduate/graduate students and teaching staff join together in striving to cultivate excellent human resources, I would like to request all of you to provide, without reservations, evaluations of undergraduate/graduate students that you have employed in order to use these to form even superior human resources. In addition to staying informed about the activities of our graduates, we receive requests from various companies for department/course recommendations. I would like to ask you for your continued generous support and guidance.

To Persons Seeking Joint Research Projects

We have a large amount of excellent teachers for the intense competition unfolding across the globe in all fields of information sciences. Don’t hesitate to allow us to help you in contributing to the world. I would like for you to provide us with suggestions of themes that are useful for the teaching of students and the resarch of professors. These themes will serve as foundations for inspiring our professors. For more details, please contact the Center for Industry and Public Relations of our university. I hope that we can contribute to the world by being useful to everyone.